The Magic Year

Oh 32, 32 I have waited for you! Not really but we here now so I will take it in Stride and call it the Magic Year! The youngins are having their Jordan years will Ladies and Gents I am embarking on a Magical ass year! Hope yall like the photoshoot I did for this blog! Thought I was real creative with that. Please give me credit if you use this for your 32nd birthday. I do not need to go full throttle on who THE EARVIN MAGIC JOHNSON is .... Famously known for having the HIV virus but also one of the greatest NBA & Laker players of all time! He was truly something M A G I C ! So this blog was inspired by him & my 32nd birthday!

So In this blog I am going to share my top 3 goals and plans for the rest of 2018 and 2019 and how I want my magic year to be. Hope you enjoy!

  • Get back to the basics

Before I moved to Atlanta I worked as a Program Manager / Student Teacher. I ran the before and after school activates for students in grades 6 thru 8th and assisted any teachers in their classrooms when necessary. I managed up to 15 staff including teachers & for anyone that works in the Education world knows it is structured yet there is room for educators to be creative and even more so for me since I provided enrichment and recreation before and after school. I was really good at my job but that is another blog for another day. Now, moving to Atlanta I was on a mission to be a full-time entrepreneur but life happened and that dream quickly changed. I ended up getting a job and in Finance, I am currently an Analyst for one of the largest financial institutions and this world is VERY different from education. You literally come in, analyze and leave. It’s a little more in-depth than that but that is basically it. Having this job the last 5 years it has altered the way I do things and it is not beneficial to my real goals or the actions do not prove that I am working towards something.

The Plan:

* Wake up early – Tackle one task BEFORE WORK

* Create weekly lesson plans / task list to see the progress

* Organize my calendar and implement a sync on all of my devices

* Begin to create scheduled post for all social media platforms

  • Be a better woman – photographer, blogger, designer, sister, family member, girlfriend and friend etc;

In this day and age it is so HARD to make friends and not being in the same state as the people you are most comfortable with is even harder. I have met some GREAT people here and some not so great. For the last few years I have been trying so hard to create a support system of friends that were no good for me but I wanted something familiar and never got it … Same thing for relationships, if you go looking for it, you won’t find it. That is what I was running into so my goal is to pay attention to the small group of people that are already in my corner.

The Plan:

* Invite the family members I have in Atlanta over at least once a month for dinner

* Ask more questions – listen more. Avoid using my default reaction (THINK BEFORE I SPEAK)

* Be Magical

  • Be consistent despite how I am feeling

I just be bullshitting sometimes and that has to STOP! No more. No more mediocrity, no more addressing petty shit, no more letting others control my emotions. None of that behavior can continue if I want to accomplish my goals. I have been reading a lot about Narcissism lately and I think I might just be borderline Narcissistic (self-diagnosed) and I think moving to Atlanta brought that out in me … I want people to know and respect me like people did when I was at home thriving and shit and I need to RELAX ! Like Satrina, no one is worried about you, you are FINE and no one owes you a damn thang! You got this far and you are not done so chill TF out!

The Plan:

* JUST DO IT – don’t second guess myself out of nothing, be the magical human I really am

* Focus on my craft and being a better professional when it comes to my niche

* Avoid all actions that do no align with my goals

So now you know my top three goals and how I plan to execute them and of course there are some smaller goals that align with my bullet points but for the sake of the blog here it is.

I have no doubt in my mind this will be the hardest transformation that I will ever go through but I am not taking more control over my life and that stops now. I will be in the driver seat all gas no brakes!

Last thing I want to let my readers know, this will be my last blog until my 2 year brand anniversary (Nov 24th) I have a few things in the works and I need to prioritize them but I have a MAJOR surprise for you when I do bring that blog back! So stay tuned.

Thanks again Loviies for reading!


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