Happy 2018 everyone! Hope you all enjoyed January! I am so nervous to share this blog with you all. It's the first one of 2018 so why not set the tone lol ! Of all the blogs I have ever written I think I am most nervous about this one because in this blogging world there are so many rules and you have to maintain a certain “etiquette”. Like stay away from certain subjects or topics, you don’t want to limit your audience and I understand it. Defly do, but at the same time, as a thirty-something year old woman going through life right now I need to express how I feel about certain situations & for those of you that don’t know, I am a rebel child and I will challenge any rule if it is not true to who I am and what I believe. Hell, we only have one life so I am going to be true to me the entire time.

On the other hand, I want people to engage in conversation even if they disagree with what I am about to say and how I feel. Please remember a blog is simply ones’ opinion and this is mine. You do not have to read my post nor follow me on social media but if you do and we can agree to disagree that is totally fine with me because that is how mature adults converse. Now that I have that said … Yall ready ?? lol … Can yall tell this is about to get serious? Well it won’t be too heavy but something I am passionate about.

I have been watching sports for a really long time. I grew up in a household with an older brother who treated his little sisters as little brothers … lol … Meaning we did the typical things teenage boys did at the time, like playing Playstation, technically it was Sega before the Playstation. We played outside ALL THE TIME !!! OMG ! My sister even played basketball for our high school women’s team. We were a big sports house. My mom was a big Lakers and 49er fan. She looovvveeed her some Shaq and Kobe and you could not tell that woman NOTHING about Shaq lol. So how that translates to my adult life, I am glued to the TV when sports are on especially when it’s the part of the season when Basketball and Football are on at the same time! Man you can’t get me to do anything lol … EXCEPT a call to action to boycott the NFL!

No lie, I have been sitting on this blog since the start of the 2017-2018 Football Season & finding out Colin Kaepernick would not be on a NFL roster, essentially for kneeling during the singing of the National Anthem. Then, a few other things inspired me to really publish the blog. First was a fellow Blogger, Alicia Young of apyoungblog.com made an instagram post a little while ago saying “create your own lane for blogging” “you have to do what feels right to you and you have to stay true to who you are”. I read that and thought to myself like:

Biiihhh that is right! Blogging is MY OPINION! Sh*t, I created my blog for me to share all parts of me not just photos &

Fashion so I am gonna talk about my love for sports and politics. Eff it if they don’t like it!

The second inspiration was learning that not one player in SuperBowl 52 kneeled and I am just so disappointed in the whole situation. For some reason it’s like we forgot what he was kneeling for. We begin to celebrate the Eagles for making it to the big game and going against the great Tom Brady and the Patriots. As a lifelong fan of the game, I KNOW people who boycotted the NFL felt a sign of disrespect finding out not one player kneeled but have the audacity to yell Free Meek Mill !! The Eagles and Philly are all experiencing the VERY injustice that Colin kneeled about in the first place. Not just the killings but all of the mis-treatment of Black (African Americans if you prefer) people. Here we ALL are seeing this with our own eyes and NOT ONE played kneeled on one of the biggest stages in all of sports! Yet, played Meek Mill in the locker room as they celebrated! This infuriated me when I scrolled through all the IG and Facebook post to see that no one kneeled and they played Meek Mill.

It’s almost like we need to practice self-discipline. Not watching football had to be the hardest thing I have ever done. I was VERY emotional and sad knowing I could not watch the Jaguars have one of the best seasons in a really long time and because I said two seasons ago they were eventually going to be good. To not watch Marshawn Lynch from my neck of the woods FINALLY get to play for his hometown team! To see him going dumb on the sideline like us NorCal folks do! No lie, I seen the clip on FB and I played it 50 times back to back like I want to watch football so bad! I want to see my guy going dumb really repping the culture! The mere fact that this could be Tom Brady’s last season and I would miss that. Despite what everyone says about him, as a fan … He is one hell of a quarterback and some of my favorite games over the years include him.

Nonetheless, these are MAJOR events for a real football fan and I AM UPSET to know no one kneeled at the Super Bowl. I was able to have self-discipline and not watch football because #IamwithKaep PERIOD! I believe in his cause and what he is standing for. As a native of San Francisco, California I am upset at the organization because it did not have the backbone to stand with Kaep as well. No matter how they felt about him practicing Freedom of Speech. I am disappointed in the organization that I have been a fan of my entire life and I do not know anything different. I would not even feel right being a fan of another team.

With everything Colin Kaepernick did for the 49ers and the organization in a short period of time, you CANNOT argue with me and tell me the decision to not add him to the roster was based strictly on the way he plays! Let’s Argue! There is NO WAY in hell! I dare you to argue this fact with me. For the 2016 season he was ranked in the middle of the pack behind Tom Brady and above Nick Foles and they BOTH kept jobs! Stop playing with me! This was not about his play on the field. No one wanted to hear his truth in that organization and they did not want the “distractions”. I understand that too, they are there to do a job, to play sports not blast politics. Understandable, I do not talk politics in the work place so I get it but in the same breath people are allowed the read the Bible or opt out of “celebrations” when it doesn’t align with their beliefs so why did the NFL persecute this man for expressing his beliefs. I would go as far as even saying we (49ers) would have had a better season with Kaep at QB. But no, here I am sharing my thoughts on why I have boycotted the entire NFL and the 49ers and to only get updates from Scott Van Pelt on Sports Center.

I knew I was doing the right thing when Jay-Z said no when asked to perform at the halftime show for SuperBowl 52. He was true to himself REGARDLESS of what others said. I knew I was doing the right thing when Texans Owner Bob McNair stated to a group of other NFL owners “can’t have the inmates running the prison.” (click for full article) Umm EXCUSE me sir! They are not INMATES! I could go on and on about just that one statement but for the sake of this already long blog, I will save that. I knew then that I was standing up for something I believed in. Also, knowing during this NFL season viewership dropped close to 20%, so I know I was not alone.

Now, I do not write this blog to boast about how pro-black or righteous I am. No not at all, far from that. But what I am doing is trying to move the dial just a little bit and if I can do that then I am okay. I want people to understand me as a whole and I am passionate about equality for everyone. I mean I have to be right? As a fat, black, Lesbian?! So Yes, I will speak on topics I am concerned with. Maybe my 1 viewership may not count but this blog may put something in perspective for someone else and that might influence them to take a second look at the NFL dealings. Look at the bigger picture of inequality & injustices people deal with based on race, gender, sexuality or lifestyle. This is BIGGER than NFL and I hope I was able to articulate that in this blog. If you do not know the full story on Colin Kaepernick and the timeline, take a look at this article from SBnation.com to gain some clarity.

Thank you for reading! Like always please let me know what you think.

Until next time loviies!


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