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Ohh Hey Loviies !!! So this is my second blog about style. Believe it or not I don’t think I have style. I think I dress cute but there is no style technique to how I get dressed and I am totally fine with that! I wear what I want when I want. Period lol … As long as I look decent and I am comfortable in my own skin then I am happy and that is MOST of the time lol ! In a hoodie and sweats or wedges and a “freakem dress” my confidence level does not change. But anywho, I like to think "my style" is like a cartoon character, I wear the same thing. Like the same outfit is in my closet like Pepper Ann or Doug here lol !

This blog will totally expose my behavior doing this! Remember all I do is change the color. Oh but I do change up the shoes from time to time but in this blog you will notice the shoes pretty much stay the same and they are both boots so it really isn’t a change! Ha

No one loves a good turtle neck more than me ! Like, I LOVE them, I would have to say one of my favorite tops in the winter! So I wanted to share my tips on how a Turtle Neck Turned my Summer Outfits into Winter Styles ! It was fairly simple and I have been doing this a few years now. I did not think it would be cute when I first did it but I was wrong! Got so many compliments, I remember that day like it was yesterday and I have been doing it ever since.

This is the most recent outfit I put together! Some of you may recognize the skirt from The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo Blog in June. I needed another reason to wear the skirt and I could not figure out how or when but I knew I wanted to wear some tights under them. Once Atlanta had Snow, I just knew I had to get some photos and put a blog together! Then the ideas started rolling! Lol ! Started with my turtle neck that I got 3 years ago from Walmart Men’s Dept … The skirt came to mind because I did not want to wear all black like I typically do. I chose the skirt because it had the most color, then added more black items with the tights and boots lol.

Wallah Magic ! The outfit made a GREAT photoshoot if I must say so myself lol ! Since it snowed the scenery was AMAZING ! I was even able to teach my girlfriend to use my Canon for the very first time! Sneaking in a photo of her beautiful self lol !

I was just being hella extra adding the big hair, hat and Glasses. My “ You can’t talk to me look” lol ! I kid, I kid but serious at the same time!!

Now here are a few other looks that I paired the turtle neck with tube top dresses that I usually wear in the Summer or Spring months. I love Tube Top dresses because I think they draw more attention to my boobies and of course I love that but I cannot wear that in Corporate America. LoL So I put a turtle neck with all three of these.

Far Left: This was a dress I purchased for Easter I think in 08 yes, that long ago and It is super cute with or without the turtle neck. Middle: This is a cute Tube Top Bubble Dress that I purchased at least 7 years ago from Torrid. Made it a skirt and added my infamous Turtle Neck lol ! Far Right: This dress is really thin and short as hell! Definitely cannot wear this to work! What did I do? Added a turtle neck! Ha! Paired it with my combat boots and again banging outfit!

Moral of my story, I wear the same shii all the time just in different colors. Once, I get an idea I make slight changes and move on from there. Maybe this will lead me into liking the Spaghetti Strap dresses with T-shirts under them because I do not like the way that looks on grown women but my Stylist friend Endia Cymone told me I could totally pull it off! LoL So I might try! Hope you Loviies find some inspiration from this post and I hope to see how you remix this and come up with some cool outfit ideas! Until Next time – Tree


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