...The Ultimate Closet Sale ...

Man yall, I am so excited to announce I am hosting my second event in Atlanta after 5 years of being here and 1 year from hosting #ThickThursdays at DejaVue … The Closet sale is the first of it’s kind from me and I have to say that I am extremely proud and excited for myself and the future of #TeamPrettyBigGirls. I thought I’d share my thoughts on the event before and after just to give people a better understanding of my event and what I hope to accomplish.

(Click the flyer for tickets & the eventbrite page)

Can you image a high end thrift store like Plato’s Closet or a Good Will in a upper middle class neighborhood with the best name brands lol ! That is my vision for the Ultimate Closet Sale except it features only Plus Size Clothing ! I came up with the idea because I have so many clothes I have purchased online that didn’t fit like I envisioned lol & because it was a clearance item I was unable to return it. I thought how can I get rid of these brand new but old to me clothes and make a little money. BAM! The closet sale event was created! I was talking to my Publicist and she gave me a direction to go in and include Vendors and other Fashionista Closets! I was all for it! I am here for the support of other Fat Fashionistas. The Chunky Chicks as my girl Endia would say! LoL

Also, with this event I took some advice that I heard from Issa Rae during an interview encouraging entrepreneurs to network across instead of looking to network up. Grind it out with people who are trying to come up just like you! I have really made this a pillar of how I network and how I promote myself & my business. I am guilty of looking for a big name or a well-known person to be a part of my events. I thought to myself that isn’t getting me where I want to go. I know a lot of women who are up and coming in this whole plus size fashion world so I decided to link up with them and see what Magic we can create.

As the idea shaped, I decided the date would be Nov. 25th because exactly one year ago I launched Team Pretty Big Girls T-shirt Line and called it the #BlackOut! I am so excited to be here and to be in this space right now. I have got so much support from my Girlfriend and Sister. They are truly all I have when it comes to listening to me vent, hearing my struggles, seeing me stay up until 4am editing pics, blogging or doing graphics and back up at 9am to go to my corporate job. It can get tiring and overwhelming. Planning this event I heard so many no’s, or “let me get back to you” or “oh no traveling for the holiday” & I had a hard time accepting that. I am use to being the girl everyone wants to be involved in what I am doing but in Atlanta EVERYONE is doing something so for me and my events to stand out I decided to do something no one else has done and I know so many people can benefit from the event. Si I continued contacting people!

Now here I am ! Just 7 days away from the event and I could not be more excited for the vendors as well as #TeamPrettyBigGirls ! Atlanta I have hit my 5 year mark in 2017 and I am coming from everything I came from! Play time is over & I have strapped up my boots and straightened my crown & I am headed for the Throne! So I hope all come out and share the event with all of your family and friends and any plus size girls that you know could benefit from this!

Until Next time Loviies

Here is the vendor List – Clicking the names will take you directly to IG pages:

My Closet of Course!

Wardrobe Stylist – Endia Cymone’s Closet

The Fluffy Girl Tribe

Kloset Threads Boutique

Bright Bold & Beautiful Boutique


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