My "Runway NAO Experience"

First & Foremost ... Apologies to my readers & followers … I have been so distracted with life that I have not had time to update my blog about my experience at “Runway Nao Atlanta”. So I do apologize … Still trying to get this time management thing together, bear with me loviies … but I have been really busy designing, {S/O to them new clients} worrying about this Irma Tropical Storm that hit Atlanta earlier this week and aligning my 30 days going vegan (look out for that blog later) into my life … This blog comes way overdue as you guys all know, so my sincerest apologies for the delay.

Plus Model NaO

{ Plus Model NAO }

I did however want to blog about the NAO event since I know a few people asked me how it went … So here is my take on the event. It was AMAZING! Hands down. The love in the room, the slayage, and the empowerment … All Amazing … It was defly a site to see and the energy was electrifying.

Group Shot

{ A few models that came out to The NAO Runway Experience }

I collab’ed with 3p Consultants who hosted the NA0 Runway Tour. Whom also represents a number of B & C-List Celebrities & Social Media Influencers as clients so when they reached out to me to be the Guest Blogger, I was elated and I jumped on the opportunity to do this. They do amazing work with their clients. I have been following them since they recently splashed on the scene. I would have never thought they saw me too! But they did so I was humbled and grateful at the opportunity to cover NAO. With all the popularity that is surrounding NAO at this time I definitely was going to take advantage of this opportunity so that's exactly what I did! Go Me right! LoL. The CEO of 3p and I had a running joke the entire event since we both are known as “Tree”. Ironic right lol ! Double Tree in the house! Hahha Corny but it was funny at the time …

Tree & I

{ Tree of 3p Consultants & Me - Double Tree }

I walked up to the location after one of the girls auditioning for NAO took the parking spot my girl and I were waiting for … Girl you petty, but it’s cool … My baby had no problem dropping me off and finding another spot. Let’s just say it would not have went down like that if I was driving lol but I digress. The event was held at LuxGlam Exchange (LGE Clothing Co.) Boutique owned by Alex Armstrong who is a Fashion Expert, Celebrity Stylist & Co Owner of Blu Bisque Art Studio. She was a gracious host with a get it done Queen Attitude that I generally gravitate towards. I immediately knew she was in charge some way, somehow so she was going to be the one I would ask to direct me where I needed to be …

“Hello excuse me, are you in charge?” “Yes! Give me one second, I am going to take care of them, then come back” “Oh, no worries Doll, no rush … You look busy enough … I’m and sure I can find my way”

LGE Style Studio

{ LGE Atlanta Store - 323 Nelson St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313 }

There was a table set up with NA0 merchandise and her poster … Which I thought was so cool because they were set up outside … People walking the strip of stores on Nelson Street and driving pass could actually see so that was so cool and inventive to me! There were also 2 other vendors set up on the other side of the entrance.

NAO Mechandise

{ NAO Merc }

When I walked in it was a little after 7pm (event started at 6pm) there were a plethora of beautiful women, I mean faces beat & outfits slaying … it was everything someone could want from a casting call in Atlanta. Yall came and showed out I'm telling you they came and served pure slayage all over the boutique which is uber exciting for a photographer/ blogger like myself. There was also a table for a LGBT web series called Dallas Vuse. As I continued to scan the room, I saw a second room with additional Vendors; KRF Cards & Safi Spirit, also set up there was even a vendor Who provided 420 friendly snacks. But later I would find the VIP room lol.

Street Vendors at Runway NAO

{ KRF Cards & L.I.F.E By Christy Love }

Once I took in all this goodness, I immediately started taking pictures of the store because it was gorgeous and eye catching. Very Chic and fitting for an event hosted by NA0. The setup for the boutique fit the event perfectly.

I eventually saw The VIP room, once NAO arrived … She did a special meet and greet for certain girls which was set up equally as nice … Food, drinks and candy were available to the other girls as well as a chance talk to NA0. The event was hosted by The Fuller Side of Things and she did an amazing job. From introducing the girls & NA0. She was lively & had a lot of personality. I had the privilege to meet her prior to this event because she was the Social Media correspondent for the Curvy Fashonista Style Expo back in June (See my blog review on that event by clicking here). She warmed up the crowd and got everyone excited for NA0’s entrance she told jokes and she made it very clear that this was a place of empowerment and Beauty. We were there to support one another and turning up our noses at people will not be allowed here. It set the tone & it was great that someone said it.

Host Agila Benjamin

{ Aqila Benjamin - Find her on IG @fullersideofthings }

As the night moved on, girls began to strut their stuff on the catwalk which was located right outside the store which gave the Catwalk character. I'm telling you these girls killed it! There were women from as far as Alabama to Macon. To see all the women in the room who wanted to be a part of The NA0 Experience was just a sight to see to me and it gave me a sense of togetherness. I know sometimes in the plus-size community it can be very hard to get supporters or gain supporters. Everyone feels like they're in competition so it was really good to see that the tone was set early on.

NAO as she judges the Runway

{ NAO as she judges the runway walks with Girlfriend & Tree of 3p Consultants }

As the runway show got underway, the girls were numbered 1 through 50 I believe. They walked, they slayed … Some gave a little extra and some just came down as they were and showed the ultimate confidence with the Tyra Smize lol (Taking it back to the early America’s Top Model tips lol). I am always amazed at the amount of confidence a women has walking a catwalk.

Plus Model at Runway NAO
Plus Model at Runway NAO
Plus Model at Runway NAO

It just brings me so much joy to see that … I was on the sidelines taking pictures and doing a couple videos but getting distracted trying to cheer the girls on:

“okay girl you go ahead” “GIIIRRRLLL, YOU BETTTAAA” “go ahead Queen ! SLAY”

Ya'll know I added my two cents because I was just so excited to see all these beautiful confident women. If you know me in real life or even if you don't here's a little tidbit. I am that friend, I am totally that friend that's cheering you on probably encouraging you to do something so ratchet lol don’t judge me! I am the one, when you're doing something that shows confidence: I am in the crowd cheering. I am waving my hands, shaking my head and making a lot of noise hahaha. If I had some glow lights, I'm waving them too all of that good stuff! I am that friend! LoL, seriously that's all me, I am not a woman who is intimidated by another confidence, that doesn’t have anything to do with me but I know how some people are. I’m just not that friend. So trying to shoot photos & Videos and Cheer I was truly overjoyed by what I saw.

After the runway show ended there were still some time for people to network and talk to NAO. Unfortunately, there was not an announcement for the winner because there were just so many great choices for her to choose from as Tree of 3p Consultants told the group. Pretty much every girl had a star by their name which means NA0 really liked the girls so it's safe to say that Atlanta came and Slayed because she loved you all.

Group Shot - Plus Models

Now, I did get the chance to meet NA0 and got a couple pictures with her that all came out blurry lol but you get it. I didn't ask too many questions in the VIP Room, I observed as she let women ask her questions and vice versa.

All in all it was a great event to network and get to know new girls. As a photographer I'm always looking for women or entrepreneurs interested in the services I offer. It was a great opportunity to meet those girls from all over Atlanta, Macon to Alabama that I may not have had the chance to meet if not for this event. I was overjoyed with the turnout for the event. Make sure you check out the pictures below feel free to ask any questions, feel free to tell your friends that they have made the blog until next time Loviies!


Note: All Links Can be clicked to find websites or social media for the people mentioned. Additional Photos are below!

All Photos taken by @PhotosbyTr33

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