... The Femme Dress ...

Forever 21 for the win! This T-Shirt Dress Style defly just became a staple in my closet! I swear I am in love with the way this outfit looks and feels. Like I need yall to feel this excitement lol. The length was AMAZING! I get a little self-conscience when a dress is too short …

My twin sister, Sabrina was in town and we decided to have some lunch at one of my favorite Mexican Restaurants, La Parrilla, located in the Fayetteville Pavilion. I was so excited for her to experience all of the goodness I rave about lol. We started with drinks and appetizers which she loved them both … Since, I knew where we going I decided to wear something cute & comfy. I am a girl who hates discomfort from my clothes. It’s bad enough I have to wear a bra all day everyday lol so I defly do not want my clothes to be uncomfortable in any way.

I had been looking for a T-shirt dress for at least 2 months. I looked at Fashion Nova but the V-necks were not cut for my body type and I tried ASOS but they style was really baggy. I was looking for Short but a nice fit … A good balance between fitted and loose … not body con tight or pajama baggy. We all have that one house dress that is super baggy and sooooo comfortable. I had made up in my mind that I wasn’t going to find the perfect one for me. I saw the Femme dress from Forever 21 Plus and had been eyeing it for a while as well but with forever 21 their sizes are not consistent for me. Sometimes I need a 2x and other times I need a 3x so I really wanted to try the dress on before purchasing it.

So I took my chances and headed to Arbor Place Mall in Douglasville, GA, Just west of Atlanta. I lucked up and found the dress. They had several on the rack so I knew I would be able to try on both size. I tried on the 2x but it was short. Like my butt was hanging out the bottom short lol. Needless to say, I got the 3x and I really enjoy the fit and the length. The dress is cotton and extremely comfortable. I knew I was in love in the dressing room lol. I even did a little dance … Hey Girl Heeyy … I originally got this dress for The Curvy Fashonista Style Expo but if you read my blog you know I had some mishaps, so I did not get to wear it when I wanted too but it ended up working out like it should have. The outfit was inspired by some shoes I saw on Lolashoetique.com. Of course they did not have my size so I tried Amazon Fashion to see if they had a version of this shoe and low and behold they did! It wasn’t the exact shoe but it fit the vision I had for the outfit.

If I must say so myself the outfit came together nicely! I immediately thought I need more T-shirt dresses when I was finished getting dressed. Even after drinks and food, I was still just as comfortable and if I honestly try this dress can be dressed up for a more going out look. Since Fall is coming I know I will remix this dress again. Oooo just thinking about it excites me lol … I hope you stay tuned for that look too. Thanks for reading Loviies … Until next time ... -Tree

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