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I had the pleasure of being a Featured blogger for “All Things Fashion and Beauty Mixer” hosted by Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist Miss Mo Mckenzie. The event’s purpose was to bring people around the Atlanta area for a meet and greet. From boutiques to bloggers there was a good mix of individuals there to network with. 

The location was cute and charming; very girly … I arrived about 5 minutes before 4pm & was greeted by the door host at the registration table. I had no issue checking in and started capturing pictures of the Vendors that were already set up. 

Kloset Threads was the very first vendor that caught my eye. Her pieces were picturesque and defly for that Fashion Queen ready to slay. The beautiful ladies at the table were pleasant and very helpful.

I continued into the next room and was met by the fashionable Mabel Marie who showed us some serious slayage, from the outfit she wore to the pieces she had available & She is even more beautiful in person!

Next was the caterer, @eventsbygaz on IG who offered a Turkey Rotel, Chicken on a stick, a fruit tray, a delicious punch, cocktail shrimp, pasta salad, & Cookie Cupcakes. The spread was amazing and nothing disappointed. Great options for the mixer and Very well thought out …

I then hit another corner of the establishment and ran into the awesome DJ who set the environment with some smooth R&B and early 00’s Soul. I gave him plenty of compliments while he kept the music steady and appropriate for the event.

After walking around I made it back to the main room and mixed and mingled with the different entrepreneurs in the room. It was a breath of fresh air to find out we shared the same struggles of having a corporate 9-5 trying to time manage and still be effective. By this time I was ready to ask some questions of the amazing panelist. As soon as I could finish that thought the beautiful Mo Mckenzie made her grand entrance and the room erupted as she made her presence known. You could feel the excitement in the room as she came in and greeted the guest, posed for pictures and checked in with the volunteers she had assisting with the event. She did not hesitate to make sure everyone was comfortable and getting everything they needed.

Once the panel started, Mo introduced everyone that would be talking. This was the meat and potatoes of the event and this is what most people came to see. I had the pleasure of asking the first question which was … 

      “What was the moment in your life

   that you knew you were going to be you?

     Whether you are a stylist or a model?

    When did you know you were made to do                                this?”

Answers varied from childhood dreams to by chance opportunities. The common idea throughout the answers was once they knew, they knew. There was a mental thought like “I can do this”. There was not one person on the panel that disagreed with the “mental moment” comment … As I looked at all the panelist during that question they all shook their heads in agreeance as if they were remembering their moment. It was encouraging for someone like me to see that.

Ap Young was a featured blogger also she asked a question & then the floor was open to the audience to ask questions. The panel did not hesitate to provide us with realness and advice to aid up and coming entrepreneurs with things like: Stay consistent with your social media post or use your resources wisely when making post. Understanding your audience and market. Knowing how to work with people and keeping things just business. It was a great Panel session. 

There was even a moment when Mo started to speak about knowing when to take a break and knowing it is okay to take a break and she began to get chocked up as she shared a very heartfelt moment with the audience about losing her dad and how it was her family who needed her the most during that time so she took a step back for a long while. It was a real vulnerable moment and you could sense the genuine nature of her advice. Her mom was in the audience as well and did her motherly thing and consoled Mo as she got teary eyed, it was heartfelt to see and hear that part of her story.

As someone who lost a parent ii understood this hurt and pain … ii truly understood the point of view of taking a break and knowing when to. For me this event was nothing short of amazing. This is the very first event of a series hosted by Mo. Her next one is Oct 8th and she has already began the line up for that one. It will focus on Wardrobe Stylists and how to break into the industry. Unfortunately, I will not be in attendance because I will be celebrating my birthday in Dallas, TX but I encourage everyone who is a wardrobe stylist to attend and receive all the knowledge and support from this wonderful group of entrepreneurs. 

Until Next Time Loviies 


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