Who Doesn't Like a Little Boob Action !

So these damn Chocker shirts are the new craze ii guess … so ii thought what the hell why not blog about one … I was in Citi-Trends here in Atlanta, on a random day that I should not have been shopping after work *sigh* the struggles of not buying cheap fashionable clothes lol … This Shirt was only $8.99 and it has a see through mesh back which is super sexy and cute … it was the reason ii purchased it, but since ii have a lot of boyish ways, ii did not shave my armpits so ii had to put a tank top on too … Don’t judge me lol … As my girlfriend would say … “that’s trifling” lmbo. Again, stop judging me lol … 

Anyway, the shirt can be worn with shorts or pants. I chose leggings for a more casual look.

My girlfriend had been out of town for a funeral and returned Sunday afternoon and we decided to head to dinner in Atlantic Station and have some girl time lol …

Anyway, we enjoyed some delicious Turkey burgers from Atlantic Grill.

The outfit choice was perfect. I was comfy and I did not have to do much tugging. I will say that the shirt defly flattered my boobs which ii LOVE! If ii am going to have some skin showing it will defly be my cleavage and ii did my secret bra trick (I will share that with you all soon) and walah, magic them twins were in my chin lol … people show their bellies, legs, butt cheeks and ii love it all but my skin of choice to show is my boobies lol and this shirt accomplished just that! However, I can’t say that I am just 100% sold on the idea of these choker shirts … I think ii will either get a dress with the attached chocker but for this shirt, I would have wanted it to be just a tad smaller … but it fit with the shirt just not how ii would want it to look … but it still worked and the average person would not see what it is ii was seeing …

I paired it with a pair of leggings from Rainbow, I could not find the direct link to show them to you all but Rainbow has a wide selection of leggings in-store and online and it is very easy to get a casual pair that doesn’t look too cheap. The outfit came together fairly fast and since it was almost 95 degrees outside it was a quick decision. The shoes are from Shoeland (currently sold out, other colors available).  

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