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I was sooooooo excited to attend The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo this year! I purchased the 2day VIP tickets for about $150. Last year, I won tickets from Ashley Stewart to attend the second day of the expo so this year I wanted to network with people on a whole new level. My brand has advanced since last year’s expo so I thought, why not go for it! My ass just assumed the event was Saturday and Sunday not realizing it was actually Friday and Saturday and on top of that I didn’t realize my mistake until Friday Morning. *sign*

I had an entire schedule lined up. It completely threw me off but because I needed my game face for an event I planned and hosted at my day job. I could not let my mishap distract me from the event I had to be present for. It was a great success btw.

After work I went straight to get my hair done for the event that I thought was the next day lol but I still got my hair done because I was going to make the best out of the one day I would attend the expo. I even planned both outfits which looking back actually irritates me lol but I will eventually blog about the outfits I was unable to wear.

So after I washed off the craziness of Friday I was ready to tackle the day and put my best foot forward! I was able to book Aleesha Whitney as my make-up artist which turned into an amazing beat! I loved her professionalism and timely manner. She was able to get me beat in about 90 minutes.

I was meeting up with a few girlfriends who I did not doubt they were coming to Slay & bayybaayyy when I tell yall these ladies didn’t play any games, they came to SLAY !! People were coming up to us saying:

“Are you guys together? Yall are all slaying” “Can we get a picture of yall”

I can’t make this up, I was just shocked that we were getting so much love form other big girls. Made me smile to see that. I am a woman that looovveess to give compliments, like LOVES too and to see everyone complimenting all of us was amazing to see. That’s when you know yo whole squad is BOMB!

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The event took place at The Cobb Galleria Centre on July 28th & 29th and let me just say it was Amazing with the exception of a few things out of place but that is just the planner in me to notice the small things. The event was set up like a traditional “Trade Show” with different vendors set up around the room. Some booths more elaborate than others. One thing most vendors had in common were they were friendly and present. Some of my favorite brands & Designers were in attendance: Ashley Stewart, Rebdolls, Courtney Noelle, Maria Paulina & many other familiar Plus Size brands. The VIP Gift bag was packed with lots of goodies from most of the sponsors.

There were a number of Brunches and Panel discussions offered to the patrons. Including the one pictured below. The picture if from TCF Style Expo Website. I did not make it to any of the Panel discussions because they did not make announcements in the main room for them so as I networked in the main area I lost track of time. To me this was a negative, I felt the expo should have had some announcements about the breakout sessions and panel discussions since the schedule was not sent to our emails we had to view the official website to even see the schedule, which drove me crazy as well.

There was a VIP Social Lounge and it was amazing but I felt as though there wasn’t anyone there to check for wrist bands so why even pay for the perks of VIP if it is not regulated. But then again I only attended the second day of events, maybe day one was different.

All in all the Expo was a great event with the exception of a few things and I plan on attending next year and bringing my networking game even stronger. Additional Photos Below

Thanks For Reading ! Until Next Time Loviies


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