!Oh Hey Florida¡

As a new Blogger I underestimated the level of time management and discipline I really need to keep up with my post. Being able to balance my Corporate America job, Photography, doing Graphics, working out, meal prepping AND still looking fabulous and making time to blog about it … It is a lot harder than I thought & I will share my thoughts about that in a later post but I say all this to say this post comes from my Trip to Florida during 4th of July … So better late than never? But never late is Better so this time it’s going to have to be “Better late than never” hehe 

But Hey Florida!!

I started the Month of July on Vacation and enjoyed 4 blissful days of Sunshine, family and good food. It was an amazing 4th of July weekend. When packing for this trip I knew ii was going to take the least amount clothes as possible. I wanted to sit pretty on the beach, eat good and just relax; which is exactly what I did. We did do a couple of other things like play cards and watch fireworks which brings me to this post. My girlfriend’s Grandmother invited my girlfriend and ii out for breakfast at a home style breakfast & lunch restaurant in West Palm Beach called “This is It” located in the Northwood Village area and ii wanted to make a good impression on Grandma Wilson and had no idea what I was going to wear.

So I went through my bag to see what I could pull together since I didn’t really bring brunch attire, or so I thought, but I know I always bring “just in case outfits” (just in case I need to change or we are doing something different … hell or just in case ii get dirty lol) and I only had two just in case outfits this time. One was jeans and it was wayyy too hot for that then I found a long tube top maxi dress I got from Rainbow, the same day ii was surprised by Rainbow lol, check my previous post for details on that outfit … The sales associate told me that the dress was about a year old and that it was the last one and I thought why not get it it’s 7 dollars and the other dress from the previous post was so cute so ii said what the hell, get it … it’s ONLY 7 dollars …

Luckily, I had my Lane Bryant strapless Bra with me and it worked perfect! The dress was comfy and it didn’t stick to my skin after sitting in a chair for a while. I did have to tug at the top of it a little bit but I may have just being self-conscience since Gma Wilson was there …

This was a fairly simple outfit because I didn’t have too many other choices lol and in the Florida heat, lightweight clothes are a fat girl’s best friend! For details on the outfit or the restaurant click on the links throughout the blog.

Thanks for reading Loviies – Until next time


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