Still All Summa '17

ii See Rainbow Shops is coming Through For Summer 17 but I wasn’t ready for them to be ready! Hahaha ! After 8.5 hours, im leaving work & had plans to stop in a Rainbow store to browse their clearance rack thinking, maybe this will be the time I actually get something under 10 dollars. Nope, it still wasn’t this time either! LoL I needed a simple dress for a birthday BBQ / gathering at a friend’s house. It was not too formal but ii am just a tad extra lol so I wanted something new, cute and summery; so thinking of a client ii had recently done some personal shopping for and the dress she was looking for … Off the shoulders, “flowy”, short type of dress. I actually found a few for her from ASOS, Ashley Stewart and Fashion to Figure and even Rainbow. I didn’t think twice about trying on one of these dresses myself because it’s “not my style”.

But Boooooooyyy was ii wrong, like all the way wrong like 1000000% wrong!!! This style dress was sooooooo bomb on me! ii loved the length, the arms fit perfect (I always have issues with small ass sleeves … but it wasn’t an issue. The particular dress ii am wearing was not available on the site but it was everything ii needed! Ii just knew ii was all the way sauced!

I paired the dress with slide-ins I purchased a month earlier, also from Rainbow and this was a great combo. Glasses came from a vendor located inside the French Market in New Orleans. 

Can’t wait to wear this dress again but ii think ii will have more cleavage out lol ... yall know how ii like to do … lol … Hope you enjoyed! Until next time Loviies !! 

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