How Could ii Forget?

But Yes, ii sure did forget !!

It is summer right? Okay maybe not lol but it is time for Tube Tops and floral patterns! So why not the Siren Floral by designer Christian Omeshun !

Before I start giving deets about the dress, let me just say I have been trying to wear this dress since ii got it at the #TCFSExpo Summer 2016 but since it rained on and off last summer there was never “a right time” to slay this dress like ii really wanted too! Like ii really wanted the sun shining bright, a bit of a breeze lol & pink just does something to my Melanin skin! I had it all planned lol … even planned to wear it once and by the time ii got dressed it was grey and ugly outside … & then Put it right back in the closet and said nope, not today! LoL … Now, here we are and it is Spring 2017 and ii was determined to wear this dress period! Fast forward to now, I totally forgot about the dress! Like really how could I ! My Bae and I had tickets to the Slinging Wing Fest in Atlanta and I was going through my closet and it was the PERFECT choice ! It was defly a Tube Dress kind of day !

ii paired the dress with a simple flat from Target ii got a few years back. I would have preferred to do a sandal but I was afraid of getting dirty feet lol ! The event was outside and we had plans later so I needed the outfit to transition … ii did a full face and rocked a Matte Hot Pink lip by NICKA K. Jewelry was from Forever 21 & It’s Fashion Metro. I styled my braids in the Barbie ponytail, which really made me feel hella Pretty! Overall, this dress was not only hella comfortable but it made me feel hella pretty … Not sexy, not hella fancy but I honestly felt real Barbie-ish … Just really pretty. A lot of women took notice to me in the dress which also let me know, the dress was everything ii wanted it to be. I would recommend designer, Christian Omeshun to anyone looking for a great quality that is comfy and breathable. I will defly be a repeat customer!

Thanks for taking the time out to read this! Feel free to check out my other blogs and let me know what you think! Enjoyed the read?

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