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Have you ever met someone who has something negative to say ALL the damn

time?? But we laugh it off and say “oh that’s just them” or someone who will give a compliment just so they can add what could have been better or make a statement like “but I would not have done that”. For example, ‘ohhhh her jacket cute, it would look better if she had some Timbs on with it’, or ‘ohh she look cute, but I wouldn’t wear that’. These people are usually nice and a little witty, but they never really like anything; their response is “ohhh not really”. But don’t let them think someone is “hating on them” they pretend to be above all the hate, right? We have all met someone like this? it’s so mind boggling to me because in my opinion these are the WORSE types of personalities. They are HATERS and do not even realize it. They have no idea they are the ‘Unknowing Hater’ and we all know one, and ii just gave them a name!

Mannnn … Let me be the first to say, these type of people make me sick! Their negative personality is just gross and annoying! Now, before ii jump into how to identify an Unknowing Hater or decide if YOU are the Unknowing Hater. We ALL are entitled to our own opinions, though we do not always have to agree and if you disagree that does mean you are a hater.

So here are my top 5 ways to identify an unknowing hater!

1. If you go out of your way to say something bad about someone you know NOTHING about, but you just KNOW they hella wack from social media. So many people have something to say about me strictly based on my social media and to be honest my social media is not a good refection of who ii really am since ii am FAR doper in real life! Likes, comments and shares do not validate me. If you think ii sound conceited, GTF Off my Blog and have several seats because, BITCH YOUz a HATER! How you gonna get mad at my self-esteem? You a hater bruh!

2. If compliments don’t come easy for you when you really feeling something on another person or if you are the compliment for compliment type person! I really can’t stand you type women. I give compliments without thinking twice: when im in the grocery store, in the club, when im at work, just EVERYWHERE! So usually when ii am looking and feeling fabulous and ii see another woman who is just as fabulous, ii always pass on a compliment. “You are so pretty” or “ii see you Slaying Baby” there are a number of phases ii use but when ii say that and then you try to give me one back! Look here baby the way my Confidence is set up, ii did not give you a compliment for you to give me one back especially if it was not genuine … You hella fake is what you are. Seriously, that says to me if I did not compliment you first then you weren’t going to compliment me at all, when you probably wanted too. Girl GTFO my face!

3. If you think you look better than all fat girls just cuz they fat! Classic, BITCH YOUz a HATER! These girls make me giggle … like ii can’t take them serious. These are probably the same ones that got a new boyfriend every 3 months. Hhhhahaahha, im laughing in real life because it’s so crazy that women still think that in 2017! That is like saying all light skin women look better than dark skin women because they are lighter. We know for a fact that is not the truth, we all got an ugly light skin friend !! hahah j/k.

4. If you single and always got something to say about someone’s relationship! YOU A HATER! It’s THEIR relationship not YALLS ! Mind your own business, why do you even have an opinion on what two other adults that are NOT paying your bills are doing? Have a effin seat! No one cares about how stupid you think she is or how he deserves “someone like you” girl you a joke! Fabulous said “If she aint Busy, She Broke” You so busy in other people business you don’t even notice you BROKE, and 9 times out of ten. They are.

5. If someone’s visual confidence bothers you or “rubs you the wrong way” you just might be a HATER period! You made an assumption based on what she looks like, the way she walks or even what she is wearing. Now, ii have experienced this first hand since high school, & it’s crazy!! I’m surprised people haven’t died from this type of hate! It’s INTENSE how people respond to another woman’s visual confidence, ii mean since you really do not know how much she actually loves herself. A lot of people hide behind clothes and make-up and shii. If you have that little voice that whispers to you “ She think she all that”. Some people have Good vs. Evil voices on their shoulder and if you hear “She think she all that” you have Hater vs. Hate Some More on your shoulders and you need to do some serious self-reflecting and you probably need a hug baby girl. I have never understood these types of girls because ii have never felt like that towards another woman without speaking one word to her. There is no human walking this planet that has ever made me feel like “she think she all that” but so what if she do? That is her business. Hell we all should think we are all that, but that is another blog for a different day. Bottom line get your entire life together and again STOP creating negative energy for yourself. Try to smile at her and say something nice. Who knows how it is going to make you feel. Witch ol hatin ass!

Okay ii Lied it’s 6 but this is the last one. LoL … If you do not support your friend’s small business you are being an Unknowing Hater. Think about it, what is stopping you from sharing one of their posts once a week or even once a month? Because you do not want to look like that person who is always promoting something? (We all hate those FB people right?) If you look over their post unknowingly because you know them, and you assume you know what every post is about. You touching that line of being an unknowing hater. You are in your ways and you may not think your friend’s business will be as successful as they think it will but why are you not supporting the dream anyway? It really isn’t that hard.

It is human nature for all of us to voice an opinion and provide feedback but what if you didn’t. What if you accepted people for who they are and how they present themselves? The unknowing hater is not at fault because they do not know they are hating, “it’s just who they are” they think they are helping but they are just being honest and ii am here to say keep your honesty! Some shii is better left unsaid and does everything really need your feedback? No! Stop wasting your energy getting annoyed by people on the internet and people you have NEVER talked too, like WHO CARES! There are so many beautiful things about life and if we really keep negative thoughts to ourselves and voice positivity ii can promise, a different feeling will evolve within you.

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