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Well if you are here I can assume you read the About Me ... but I didn't feel that really captured the true essence of who ii am, maybe who ii was. So, I am going to take a second a give you a true taste of the 30 year old woman ii am in 2017 by doing a quick Q&A!!

First, thanks for coming to my site ... thanks for coming to see what ii am all about ...

Q: What do you do?

A: I am a photographer that styles my own shoots & ii sell a line of T-shirts that are apart of my #TeamPrettyBigGirls Brand which also Plans & Promotes Events. Simple enough right? ... ohhh ohh and ii am going to blog about a whole bunch of random shiiii and yes ii will be doing my outfits ...

Q:What exactly is #TeamPrettyBigGirls?

A: Team Pretty Big Girls is a movement to highlight and promote big girls that have a positive message to share with the world. My goal is to capture Confidence in many different forms. Not all big girls are the same & I want to show the differences and promote a message that it is okay to be you, fat or not.

Q:How do your shirts tie into #TeamPrettyBigGirls?

A: Every phrase on my shirts has come from an encounter that I had with another pretty big girl and I wanted to highlight that.

Q:What do I hope to accomplish in 2017?

A: I hope to take my Photography & the #TeamPrettyBigGirls Brand to a whole new level. I want to create a support network of Pretty Big Girls and the community that supports them and create magic. I am a woman that believe there is room for all of us to eat at the table baby ... So with that said: are you a model that needs a consistent photographer or are you a plus size designer that needs models? I want to help bridge the gap between the pretty big girls who want to share their gift with the world.

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