What a Great Year To Be Great!

Happy New Year !

Welcome To My Blog !! Glad You Came By!! Guess That Means You Want To Know About Me !!! LoL Well ii Hope You Enjoy & Come Back & Check For Updates!!!! So Let's Jump Right in ... Oh What a Great Year To Be Great, Right !! 2017 Just Has a Certain Ring To it & ii Can Say ii am Excited ... ii am Looking Forward To Working Hard, Perfecting My Craft (Photography), & Just Upgrading My Mind Body & Soul For Real ... Turning The Big Three Zero Just a Few Months Ago ii Decided ii Was Going To Take Necessary, Calculated Risk to Become a Full-Time Entrepreneur Doing My Photography, Selling My Shirts & Planning & Promoting Plus Size Events ... I Hope You Follow On This Journey Through 2017 as ii am on a Quest For True Greatness ...

So #NoFilter Just Fat, Might Just Be My Motto This Year ... People Ask Me Why ii Use The Word Fat & ii Always Ask, Why Not? it's an Adjective That Describes My Physical Being & it's Accurate ... Usually Most People Respond By Saying, But it's So Mean or Disrespectful ... ii Then Have To Educate Them On a Few Things & ii Start By Asking a Few Questions & Then i Answer Them:

So Why Do You Think it's Rude, Because Society Has Placed a Negative Connotation on The Word?

What is The Adjective You Like To Use To Describe Yourself? Athletic? Thick? Skinny? Curvy? Are Any of Those Negative? So Why is Fat? ii am Comfortable With The Word, Doesn't Bother Me None Because I do Not Associate Fat With Ugly, Broke, Nasty and Defiantly Not Sloppy Because We All Know a Few Skinny Girls Who Are Sloppy! Just Being Real ... So For Me Being Fat Says Only That ... I'm Fat! Period ...

Now, ii Get it a lot of Big Girls Do Not Like Being Called Fat & ii Totally Respect That, as all Big Girls ARE NOT THE SAME !!! LoL ... Just Respect My Opinion On This ... Feel Free To Comment Below Let Know Your Thoughts On This ...

But About This Being My Motto, ii Have Been a Dope Fat Girl My Whole Life ... ii Didn't Grow Up Not Having Little immature Boyfriends in Elementary School ... It's Didn't Stop Me From Making Friends ... ii Wasn't Teased By The Masses ... ii Have Always Had Confidence Because ii am Elaine's Daughter ... ii Was Raised That Way ... But ii Know That All Big Girls Do Not Share The Same Adolescence as Me ... So ii Just Want To Promote a Positive Message To all Big Girls, It is Okay To Be You !!! It's is Okay To Have NO Filter & Just Be Fat !!! Period !! Now, if You Don't Like Being Fat That is a Conversation For Another Day But ii Will Tell You This, Stop Being Lazy, There Are Too Many Resources For You To Be Having a Pity Party About Being Fat ... ii am a Happy Fattie & ii Hope You Enjoy My Blog ... if This is You First Time Here Check Out My Photography & Shirts ... ii Hope You Continue To Check Back For Updates ... If This is Not Your First Time Here !!! THHHAAANNKKKSSS For Coming Back ... Appreciate You !!

Thanks For Reading ... ohhh Be Sure To Find Me On All Social Media @iamTr33 !!

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